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Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Seminar & Yoni Steam Workshop


Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Seminar & Yoni Steam Workshop

Women for many years have been disconnected from their womb. There is a great need for women to reconnect to the power of their sacral creative life force and the incredible organ that brings many things to physical manifestation.

In this women’s gathering you will be learning and deeply connecting to your womb and reproductive organs to heal emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain. You will leave feeling more empowered by knowing how to take care of your body, how to honour her, and how to use herbs to support your womb.


  • Learn how your womb is connected to your maternal lineage and how to begin mending your relationships with the women in your bloodline beginning with your Mother

  • You will learn what is needed to have a healthy womb space to conceive, grow and carry a child, as well as have a powerful birth

  • Learn how to create your own yoni steam blend

  • Understand which herbs to use for various symptoms of your cycle and how to read what they mean

  • Begin to understand how to heal sexual trauma, intimacy issues and create and nurture healthy relationships through your connection and honouring to your womb

  • You will leave with a sample herbal yoni steam blend to take home with you and begin nurturing a deeper relationship to your body and heart

This workshop and offering is based on the Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Education by the founder Deborah Skye King. Vanessa is a trained and certified evolutionary educator and guide of this work and is available to support you further after the workshop through one-on-one private sessions.

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