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We`re on a mission to help people host with more joy, ease, and impact.


Our Platform

We`ve created this platform to support intimate events and gatherings, such as workshops, supper clubs, retreats, and everything in-between. While there are plenty of solutions for large events and corporate experiences, Hosted Here is designed specifically for creator-led, smaller scale events.

Our Beliefs

We are an online platform, but we're here to power in-person gathering. Hosted Here was created with the goal to take the hassle out of hosting and to foster connection through meaningful experiences. We hope to encourage people to genuinely connect with one another, off of screens and away from the everyday distractions of life because we believe that intimate events truly have the potential to change and improve lives.

Commitment & Our Values

Hosted Here was born out of a passion for constantly learning new things, having unique experiences, and genuinely wanting to connect with others and the world around us all. As a team, curiosity drives us to always keep learning, keep building, and keep growing. We hope that this platform and community will inspire you to do the same.


Our Company Values


Bringing together diverse perspectives and skillsets for maximum impact.


Fostering genuine connection and community for collective wellbeing.


Applying thought and meaning to all that we do and create.


Embracing exploration as a key to growth and fulfillment.

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