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Mindfulness 101 | Virtual Retreat


What is Mindfulness? The art of being here and now, Mindfulness can be practiced and utilized in many forms. From traditional meditation practice to mindset & lifestyle, this half-day educational retreat is designed to teach, reflect and practice the core elements of a Mindfulness Practice with a beginners lens.

Mindfulness has been utilized for centuries worldwide for its plethora of incredible benefits - but getting started is the most challenging part, participants can expect to exit this experience with accessible and sustainable tools that will assist in creating a more Mindful Lifestyle.

Join Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher/Mindfulness Coach Aliana for this detailed and experiential program, just in time for the Holidays!

Course Breakdown:

Part 1: Origins of Meditation (Covering History/Philosophy)

Part 2: Understanding the Mind (Basic Neuroscience)

Part 3: Tuning into the Body (Exploring Mindful Movement)

Part 4: Creating your Practice (Exploring a Mindful Lifestyle)

* Program cost is inclusive of a full PDF manual & session recording

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