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Food & Wine Retreat - Mosul Valley, Germany


Some of our absolute favorite wines hail from the Mosul Valley region of Germany. We’re thrilled to be exploring this famed wine region with you, experiencing some of the oldest vineyards in the world and ancient grapes like Elbling, a favorite planted by the Romans as the migrated through the region. Cheesemakers, brewers and distillers line the banks of the storied Mosul River, providing us with a veritable plethora of amazing producers to meet and learn from. September marks the beginning of grape harvest, so we’ll be getting involved, and providing some hard working winemakers with some free labour. ;) Come back to our fairytale house and relax in the third floor sauna after a hard day’s tasting and exploring!

Folks will also being celebrating Oktoberfest starting September 16, so don’t forget to schedule some extra time off following our retreat and hop the train to Munich!

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