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Flower Arranging Workshop: Pops of Spring


In a world filled with meetings, zoom calls, and extra-long documents, it's important to be reminded that your body and mind are capable of being physically present away from a screen. Mental health month is upon us, and what better way to calm your nervous system than taking part in the mindful art of floral arranging? 🌸

Floral arranging, just like taking time for self-care, is a celebration of living in the moment. Led by Make Lemonade's Creator & Lead Designer, Rachel Kelly, you'll be guided through a friendly and approachable flower-arranging workshop.

Set in the gorgeous Labour of Love workshop space, you'll have access to all the tools and materials to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind arrangement to take home. Also, some munchable snacks, and yummy drinks to satiate you during your workshop! Along with a newfound confidence in creating arrangements, you will learn easy-to-follow floral care tips to extend the life of your arrangement.

Bring flowers, colour, life, and play to your evening in this unique workshop!

Please arrive 10 minutes early so you can get all the time playing with flowers.

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