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Aether Muse Retreat


Embark on a nourishing 7-day wellness journey dedicated entirely to recharging body and soul, and awakening the feminine essence within.

June 18-24, 2023 | South of France

At the heart of our Aether Muse Retreat is a calling to invoke the spirit of feminine energy. Experience an impactful journey marked by meaningful moments to elevate your physical, emotional, and spiritual state of being. A week of relaxation that allows for the care, nurture, and unwinding needed to feel at one with the world and what it means to be a woman. Let us take you on an impactful journey to nourish and elevate your well-being on all levels.


A deeper feminine connection
A complete body, mind, and soul reset
A renewed feeling of wellbeing
A lasting sense of peace and serenity

Every Part of the Journey is Carefully Curated

Enhance your well-being through peaceful accommodations, nourishing meals, and a vast array of fulfilling activities designed to enable deep relaxation, healing, and personal transformation – a process that begins at the Retreat and extends well beyond our time together.

Wellness Practices / Indulge in a collection of intentionally curated practices like yoga and meditation to make time for yourself, reflect, and recharge body, mind, and spirit in a luxurious, peaceful setting.

Integrative Workshops / Learn valuable practices for unwinding, restoring balance, and tuning into your body’s innate wisdom through daily astrology and art workshops, ceremonies, and more.

Organic Nourishment / Enjoy farm-to-table meals crafted with locally sourced ingredients by Aether’s private on-site chef to ignite your senses and fuel body and soul.

Sacred Community / The most profound healings happen in sacred community. From daily practices to evening group circles, we’ll journey together to an elevated state of being.

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